Action Cam X10

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This Vizu X10 action camera 4k is the next generation Vizu action camera. With better features and a new look, this is the best action camera from Vizu.



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ExtremeX action cam X10

4K filming with 60FPS

The action camera films in 4k with 60 frames per second (FPS). This makes it possible to record fast movements better than a camera with 4K and 30 FPS. The camera has a 16 Mega Pixel lens with which you can take razor-sharp photos and videos. Thanks to the viewing angle of 170 degrees, it is possible to capture almost the entire field of vision on images, thus ensuring a clear, broad view of the surroundings.

Waterproof action camera 4K

What immediately stands out about this camera is its new appearance. The camera no longer has, like its predecessors, a waterproof housing. This is because the action camera 4k by itself is completely waterproof up to 10 meters! This makes the camera extremely suitable for water sports, holidays or, for example, your ski photography.

Better sound than its predecessor

The X10 has an improved sound recording. This has everything to do with the fact that the action cam no longer has a watertight housing. The product is watertight by itself and therefore the sounds are better absorbed than when there is a housing in front of the microphone.

Touch screen

Another addition to the action camera is hidden in the screen. This action camera 4k has a touchscreen, with which you can easily navigate through the different menus. No more fumbling with pressing different buttons, but simply look up and operate everything with your fingers.

From slow motion to time-lapse

Within the menu of the action camera 4k it is possible to try out different functions. This makes it possible to make a video or photo in the time-lapse function. Do you have an environment that changes slowly (such as the sky) and do you want to capture this? Then this is the ideal function to get this done. It is also possible to film in HD (720p) with 120 FPS, this means that the image can be played in slow motion. Furthermore, it is possible to take a series of photos, use the camera as a dash cam and there is a special aqua mode on it. This makes filming underwater more beautiful.

Settings of the action camera 4K

This Vizu X10 action camera 4k has a number of settings that can be easily adjusted in the menu of the product. For example, the white balance can be adjusted, the viewing angle can be moved from medium, wide to ultra-wide and there is built-in image stabilization and a wind noise damper on it. This allows you to shoot beautiful images in all circumstances, such as on the beach and in the water, for example. All this without the colors looking very different or the wind throwing a spanner in the works from the video.

Wi-Fi and GoLive Cam app

The built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to play and store all your content on your phone. The GoLive Cam app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. When a connection is made with the X10, all content created with the X10 can be placed on your phone. In addition, the Wi-Fi in combination with the app offers the possibility of streaming video content live.

Stream live to Facebook

The built-in Wi-Fi makes it possible to stream videos from the action camera to Facebook via your phone. This allows your friends and others to enjoy when you ski off the slopes or when you are on an adventure somewhere else that you would like to share with the whole world. Nothing stands in your way to share your images live with the world with this Vizu X10 action camera.

Expandable memory up to 64GB

Of course you want to easily save your captured images, sort them out, edit them and share them. All your images can be stored on a micro SD card up to 64GB. Easily insert the card into the action camera 4k and when you need the images, you take the card out again and you can start editing or sharing it. In addition, the built-in Wi-Fi also makes it possible to view the images via your GoLive Cam app on your smartphone.


The Vizu X10 Action camera 4k has a battery of 1050 mega Ampere hours (mAh). The Lithium-Ion battery therefore has the capacity to shoot images for up to 1.5 hours in a row. Enough time to record all your ski tricks, surf stunts or holiday adventures.


There are 2 different ports on the action camera 4k. First of all there is a micro-USB connection to charge the camera or to connect it to the computer (a micro-USB cable is included). The second port is a micro HDMI port. This allows the camera to be connected to a TV. this way you can easily show all your images on a large screen.


In addition to the waterproof action camera, there are also a number of handy accessories in the package. For example, a connection for the bicycle and wrist is included as standard. This allows you to mount the camera in different places and shoot your content from unique angles. In addition, there are separate stickers that can be mounted on an attachment for the action cam. With this you can mount (stick) the product on almost any flat surface. Are you afraid that your screen will scratch quickly? No panic, because a screen protector is also included in every package as standard.

Create content from great heights, deep valleys or just nice at eye level, the choice is yours. Of course, a micro-USB cable and a manual are also included.

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